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Due to global economic challenges that have affected students’ enrollment into tertiary institutions of learning at various levels, the Institute of Arts Management & Professional Studies (IAMPS) hereby presents an IAMPS Academic Excellence Scholarship program, in collaboration with I-FATOSS UNIVERSITY, REPUBLIC OF BENIN to encourage educational advancement, reward intelligence and enhance quality assurance.

It is our strong and passionate conviction that bright minds deserve brilliant opportunities, which is why we offer the most generous scholarships to Nigerians.

When many families think of university education, such thoughts are usually chilling and scary because, no doubt, it is extremely expensive, especially with the current economic challenges.
Looking for free university education, or a partly-funded tuition program? A free university is uncommon in Africa. However, many universities, including some prestigious ones, provide free tuition and other financial assistance to intelligent students. Due to the high cost of University education, and other related challenges, millions of Youths are living without a degree at higher rates than in other developed countries.


Not all scholarships are created equal. Some are in form of tuition-free waivers only; some only cover living expenses, while some offer partial cash grants but, there are those scholarship programs that cover both tuition fee and living expenses (and sometimes travel costs, book allowance, insurance, etc.). Fully funded scholarships provide most, if not all of what you need to pursue your studies locally, or abroad; I-FATOSS University in collaboration with IAMPS-Nigeria offers 100% TUITION FREE SCHOLARSHIP to encourage intelligent youths across Africa.

The Opportunities:

  • Direct admission without JAMB;
  • Opportunity to graduate with a dual certification; your academic degree, and professional certificate within three (3) years;
  • Opportunity to enroll with the school of remedial studies to make up for deficiency while in school;
  • International scholarship opportunities exist for Nigerians and global Arts Leaders, Arts administrators, Arts Managers to undertake study, research, and professional development in the Republic of Benin.
  • IAMPS scholarships are offered to top students with strong academic credentials/grades, with a view to attracting brilliant students to advance their studies and pursue higher education opportunities at I-FATOSS University. As IAMPS Scholarship Ambassador, the successful student can look forward to the following generous benefits;
  • Fully covered tuition-free undergraduate program for IAP members;
  • Many brilliant students have nursed the ambition of pursuing their dreams of qualitative university education in a renowned university, without the knowledge that there are great opportunities to pursue free studies.



I-FATOSS University, Benin Republic is one of the most prestigious universities in Republic of Benin, perfectly situated in a serene academic environment with adequate learning facilities and qualified tutors cum well-designed undergraduate curricula. The university is approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Republic of Benin, and recognized by the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria and the National Universities Commission. Graduates from the university are also mobilized after their studies for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme.


This scholarship program is targeted at secondary school graduates of high intelligence with five credit passes in 5 relevant subjects including English and Mathematics through WAEC, GCE, NABTEB, NECO, or any equivalent post-secondary examinations. Deficient students in some subjects can also make it up before the completion of their programs through our remedial program.

It is no longer news how difficult it is to secure admission into tertiary institutions of learning with JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board). These Youths “future of Nigeria” are frustrated, every year, further away and out of their visions and dreams of pursuing their chosen careers, thus making them vulnerable to social vices. This scholarship program affords them with a justifiable opportunity to pursue their dreams without being bogged down by the economic barrier, at an extremely low or no tuition cost.


  1. International Relations and Diplomacy
  2. Political Science
  3. Project Management
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. Transport and Logistics Management
  6. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  7. Economics
  8. Intelligence and Security Studies
  9. Urban and Regional Planning
  10. Estate Management
  11. Environmental Science
  12. Public Administration
  13. Business Administration
  14. Accounting
  15. Marketing
  16. Banking and Finance
  17. Computer Science
  18. Mass Communication
  19. Biological Science
  20. Microbiology
  21. Biochemistry
  22. Management and Information Technology
  23. Software Engineering
  24. Computer Engineering
  25. Geology
  26. French Language Communication
  27. Journalism
  28. Linguistics
  29. Sociology
  30. Theatre Arts


The scholarship: student’s performance determines their level of scholarship. The fees for TUITION FREE SCHOLARSHIP beneficiaries are:

Tuition – 00000000000

Hostel – #200,000 per session.

Admin fee – #100,000 (New student)

Total – #300,000


Tuition – 00000000000

Hostel – #200,000 per session.

Total – #200,000


Tuition – 00000000000

Hostel – #200,000 per session.

Total – #200,000


  • Direct admission to study any course of your choice
  • 100% discount on total tuition
  • Free application for scholarship examination


All fees should be paid directly into I-FATOSS University’s official account. You should not make payment into another account except the acceptance, processing, and administrative fee of 100,000 payable into the IAMPS official account Fidelity Bank (Account number: 4011143342); other fees should be paid directly into the university’s account.

The school fees above can be paid in two installments.

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