Nomination for the IAMPS Gold Awards is not accidental; rather substantial. It is a very careful and conscious choice considering the giant stride nominees have made in their chosen career. This award is designed and occasioned so that generations now and those to come may be inspired. It comes as a means to concretize the embodiment of our joy, gratitude, admonitions, eulogies and panegyrics to good men and women of this our fatherland, personified in your person, an ebullient scholar and a maverick of the Leadership cum Arts Management Professionals. So, the award is an itinerary per excellence.

As an Arts Management Professional network, IAMPS is committed not only to producing professional Arts Managers/Leaders, but also recognizing excellence in the Arts Leadership globally. There is an annual call for award nominations. All nominations are reviewed by the Nominating Committee Members and then a slate of nominees is recommended to the Board of Directors for approval. Hosts of the personalities may also be elected to present awards to individuals or organizations of distinction. The awards are presented at IAMPS Induction.


The IAMPS Gold Awards include:

Leadership Gold Award

The Leadership Gold Award is presented for unique lifetime achievement which has enriched the professional arts. This award is not for performance but rather for distinguished service within the arts management profession. For example work as a manager/leader (artist/company/venue), in education, marketing and public relations, consultancy, festival director, acoustician, architect and other associated activities.


Professional Excellence Award

The Professional Excellence Award, the only award from IAMPS to IAMPS member, recognizes an IAMPS member of long standing and continued involvement, whose achievements in arts management is deserving of special praise and recognition.


Corporate Gold Award

The Corporate Gold Award is presented to an organization which has demonstrated a significant and lasting contribution to the support of the arts which transcends the boundaries of one country or institution and merits international recognition. With a priority on philanthropy, in extraordinary circumstances, this achievement may also reflect outstanding leadership, advocacy, innovation, scholarship, or curatorship.


Star Gold Award

Star Gold Award is presented to artists who have made an outstanding contribution of talent, artistry, dedication, and service to the world of the arts. The contributions of these award recipients have gone above and beyond their prowess as artists.
It intends to bring great international artistic masters together with young artists of extraordinary potential in a one-to-one mentoring relationship. This biennial initiative supports the five artistic disciplines of dance, literature, music, theatre arts and visual arts.


Distinguished Fellow Award

This Award is for distinguished arts leaders who are no longer active in the service of arts leadership but made indelible contributions during their service years as arts management professionals.